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SSSex Level 1


13th - 20th November 2024

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ISTA Switzerland

We're delighted to bring you a world class facilitation team, a wonderful venue and the amazing support of our vibrant local ISTA tribe. Plus a special 8 day training for going extra deep. 


Shane ISTA.jpg

I did my first level one in 2020. And it was like a rocket up my arse 😂. I'd done years of Freudian analysis, I was heartbroken by the end of my marriage and then suddenly through ISTA I was encouraged to feel everything, rather than think about everything and boy did I light up the nights sky. 


It shifted so much in me and after about three months of smashing pillows, hand screams and weird looks from my neighbours, I appeared as fuller version of myself and I've continued on this path since then.  


It's impacted so much for me,  including my work life, my friendships and of course my relationships. Which are all so much better than before.  I feel so much more safety, appreciation and authenticity in them all. 


In my view this is what our society needs. I asked myself what I could do to contribute. And the answer was to bring ISTA to Switzerland. So that's what I've done. Starting November 13th will be a eight day long intensive training, that will change your life if you let it. 

Shane, Organiser of ISTA Switzerland

What is ISTA?

The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) is a loosely aligned organization of teachers that offers workshops, courses, and events focused on personal growth, spirituality, relationships, and intimacy. ISTA combines teachings from various spiritual and tantric traditions to create a holistic approach to personal development and transformation. ​


ISTA's programs often incorporate elements from tantra, shamanism, somatic practices, and other spiritual traditions to help individuals explore and expand their consciousness, deepen their connections with themselves and others, and cultivate greater awareness and authenticity.

The Training

ISTA Level One: The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSex)

A week-long experience that provides essential teachings and experiences around sexuality, emotions and relationships. It gives us the kind of education we should all have received as a child.


As part of this, you will learn to feel, express and challenge all the parts of you. So that you can feel truly alive in your emotions and fully integrated in your body. Thus helping you with the full expression of your life.


As you come to welcome all the parts of you, you'll increase your ability to welcome all the parts of others. Allowing deeper relationships and greater community.


On top of this, you'll experience communicating your needs, desires and boundaries; you'll confront feelings of rejection, unhealthy patterns of relating and walk away feeling seen, heard and met in ways you may never have experienced before.  


If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 8-day event is for you.

Our Facilitators

Three world class facilitators selected for you

Our Venue in Thurgau

Long acquainted with exceptional trainings in the areas of spirituality, dance, yoga, tantra, shamanism and sexuality. Our venue offers extensive grounds of over 50,000 m² and a private beach sitting on the bank of lake constance.

Early bookers will have the option to choose between two and three bed rooms, camping or larger mixed or female only dormitories.


We'll have all the facilities we need for the training plus beautiful nature and an exceptional vegetarian and organic kitchen. At best you'll enjoy delicious food from their own gardens and at worst from specially approved local organic providers.

Oh and we'll be hiring in a sauna to keep you warm.

Schloss-Glarisegg ISTA Switzerland.webp
Lake Constance at ISTA Switzerland

Our Local Tribe

Switzerland has an amazing and strong local tribe of ISTA Alumni who organise regular conscious sexuality festivals and events.


We encourage the Alumni not only attend in repetition but also to attend as training assistants.


So joining us in November will not only connect you to other participants, but also to the wider ISTA field and our strong local tribe.

Getting Here

Neo-Tantra, also known as modern or contemporary Tantra, is a movement that seeks to bring the teachings and practices of Tantra into a more contemporary context. This involves adapting and updating traditional Tantra practices to better align with modern cultural and spiritual values, as well as incorporating elements from other spiritual and therapeutic traditions.

Neo-Tantra often emphasizes the use of sexual energy and practices as a means of achieving spiritual growth and connection. However, it also includes a wide range of other practices, such as meditation, breathwork, and bodywork, aimed at promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

One of the key features of Neo-Tantra is its focus on individual experience and personal growth, rather than strict adherence to a specific set of beliefs or practices. This approach allows for greater flexibility and creativity in how Tantra is practiced, as well as a more inclusive and accessible approach to spirituality.

By Air

Zurich Airport is the closest international airport. International guests will be greeted by a shuttle bus from Zurich Airport on the first and last day of the training.

By Car

Driving is easy with the venue being 45 minutes from Zurich, 1hr 30mins from Basel and 3hr 30mins from Geneva. Ride sharing can be arranged after registration via our facebook group.

By Train

Trains in Switzerland are excellent. You can expect to travel 1hr by train from Zurich, 2hrs 30mins from Basel and 4hrs from Geneva. Though be aware, you'll have to add another 30 minutes for the walk from the train station or jump in a taxi.


  • Regular CHF 2400

  • Early bird CHF 2200

  • Super early bird CHF 1900 (Sold Out)

  • Repeater CHF 1900

  • Young Adult (22-27) CHF 1700

  • Assistant (Limited) CHF 1000

The above prices include tuition, food and accommodation.


The full breakdown is: 

  • CHF 500 non-refundable deposit

  • CHF 500-1900 rest of fee to be paid before October

Accommodation options:

  • Twin or double room (extremely limited) + CHF 200

  • Three-bed bedroom with shared bathroom + CHF 100

  • Mixed Dormitory

  • Woman’s Dormitory

  • Your own Camper

  • Your own Tent - CHF 160

When comparing other ISTA Trainings, please notice that our training lasts an extra day.


Frequently Asked Questions

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