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  • What do I have to do at ISTA?
    Nothing. All rituals and activities are optional. It's your workshop, you never have to do anything. We only ever ask for your presence in the room during the training hours to honour the group process.
  • What should I bring?
    The general advice is to bring anything that you feel would enrich and make your time at the training more comfortable. Be sure to consider the weather, which in October is often chilly and fresh at night and in the morning, and sunny and dry during the day. Also be sure to be good to yourself and consider your personal needs and desires. Here are other recommendations and suggestions: Clothing - Lightweight, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for movement - Appropriate clothes for cool evenings and possible rain - Sandals or flip-flops lakeside - More comfortable and sturdier shoes for walking through the venue grounds - Sun protection in form of a hat, sunglasses and suncream if you use them - Some clothes that make your feel fun, sexy and ready for a party Towels and sheets - Towel for bathing & swimming at the beach - Large, whole-body sized towel/sheet for covering the floor mats when giving/receiving massages - 2 sarongs, robes or wraps - Your favorite massage oil/lubricant Additional - Sacred & symbolic object for the shared altar representing your journey - Journal or notebook & writing materials - Toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc. – please avoid colognes, perfumes or scented personal care products) - Ear plugs as you will be in shared rooms - Alarm clock - Flashlight for navigating dark outdoor spaces at night - Yoga mat if you like to practice - Reusable water bottle - Any medication, herbs, food supplement that you may need or enjoy having
  • What are the start and end times?
    The training starts at 4pm on the 13th November, check-in is available from 1pm. We finish at 1pm on the 20th November. Goodbyes can take time after this intensive week, so it's best to factor in some time for those unless you really have to leave at 1pm.
  • How can I arrange travel?
    Once registered you will be invited to join a Telegram channel where you can arrange ride shares with other participants. A single shuttle bus will also leave Zurich Airport on the afternoon of the 14th October (timings tbc). For solo travellers that can't join a ride share, the nearest train station is called Steckborn from where it is possible to take a taxi. Steckborn is small, so we recommend you book a taxi in advance. Or use my trick and bring a bicycle on the train with you to make the final part of the journey.
  • Why 8 days instead of 7?
    It's a luxury! ISTA level one is designed to awaken you emotionally and trigger your trauma so that it can be healed. We have simply decided to give ourselves the extra luxury of eight days in order to be able to process those emotions together. That means this ISTA will likely be both more gentle and deeper than others.
  • I'm in a relationship, what do I have to consider when attending?
    If you are currently in a relationship/partnership we strongly recommend that you agree upon your relationship boundaries before arriving to the training, regardless of whether your partner is attending the training with you or not. These would include boundaries around intimacy, intimate touch, sexual engagement, safer sex practices etc. ISTA field encourages transparency, open communication and authentic expression of desires with integrity.
  • I want to come with a partner, how do we navigate that?
    You may decide to stick together as a couple or you may decide to move as individuals or a variation of the two. Important is simply that you decide together how you would like to proceed and that you check in with each other during the training as you see fit. It is advisable to be really honest during any conversation you have in advance of the training with your partner, be sure to talk about all your hopes and fears, what you'd like to learn and experience, and how you'd like to see things work between you in this setting.
  • How sexual is the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience?
    If you are looking for sex parties, please look elsewhere. Our evening programme will often offer a safe space for you to express yourself fully. Which could among many others things, including dance, music and meditation, also be sexual. The training itself includes rituals and exercises that involve massage and touch along with many other non-physical methods. What we aim to teach is what we consider healthy conscious sexuality. We want to bring sexualities potent energy into the light and galvanise it for good. We want to free your powerful sexy self. You will never be encouraged to take part in anything you do not want to take part in. The most important thing for us is that you discover and express your boundaries. That is the route to a healthy sense of self and the kind of empowered being we are trying to create.
  • What should I consider regarding sexually transmitted diseases?
    Awareness around sexual health is an important part of our teaching. We will practice communication surrounding the topics that effect your sexual health including the number of recent partners, the level of precautions used and how frequently you've been screened for sexually transmitted diseases. These conversations are always more comfortable if you've been recently screened, therefore you may find it advisable to undertake a sexual health check before attending the training.
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